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PBM 1-4 planetary ball mill is designed for fine grinding of materials of different hardness in batch mode. The grinding can be performed dry or wet. The mill is produced by VIBROTECHNIK LLC according to the design documentation and under the supervision of its developer Vladimir Kochnev.

In a planetary ball mill , grinding occurs due to impact destruction during the motion of balls, as well as abrasion – simultaneous compression and shear deformation. The size of the crushed material particles depends on the running time of the mill, the physical properties of the material, the volume of material loaded, as well as the volume of balls loaded. Recommended volume of material loaded in one bowl: 15 – 45 cm3, recommended volume of balls loaded in one bowl: 50 – 130 cm3.

PBM 1-4 planetary ball mill can be used as a mixer for the preparation of emulsions, suspensions and slips.

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