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Key features

The originality of the ACTIVMETER from Bioseb lies in its ability to quantify 3 parameters of animal behaviour:
• Movement
• Motionless Activity (including tremor)
• Immobility

Among other advantages, this actimeter is characterized by
• Its ease of use
• The fact that the activity measurement can take place in the Home Cage instead of an Open Field
• That the animal, mouse or rat, is unrestrained during the experiment
• And it does not suffer any surgery that might affect is behavor

Plus, using food and a bottle, activity measurement experiments can be conducted over a very long period of time.

In addition to these features, Bioseb’s ACTIVMETER incorporates a very unique benefit by also measuring the activity when the animal walks or hangs under the wire mesh cover grid (especially useful for mice), giving a true idea of the aptitude and ability of the mice to navigate under a wire mesh grid. The assessment of this aptitude might suggest further evaluation of sensorimotor abilities of the model, using classical tests like the rotarod, the grip test, etc.

The operator of the activmeter can define his own immobility standard as well as the thresholds between slow motion and fast motion. During the actimetry experiment, the operator can visualize on the screen the real-time activity type, position and motion, as well as the parameters measured during each sampling period for each animal (mouse or rat).

Domains of application

Bioseb’s new actimeter for rodents (rats and mice) is especially useful for following applications and research fields:
• General phenotyping
• Neurodegenerative diseases
• Myopathy diseases
• Global locomotor activity associated to radio telemetric measurements
• Studies on Circadian rhythms and associated troubles
• Models used to study psychiatric diseases such as STOP null mice showing disorganized activity and hypersensitivity to stressed event
• Recovery on partial SCI models
• And much more…









Accuracy1 cm
Data OutputUSB-C
Dimensions – Animal ContainerEurostandard Type II L for Mice and type III for rats
Dimensions – OverallL :536 x l : 286 x h : 71,5 mm
Experimental SubjectsMice and Rats
Number Of Animals1 animal per Platform – Up to 8 platforms connected to 1 Software
RangeExperiment time from 300 seconds to 48 hours
Sampling Rate80 Hz
SoftwareIncluded dedicated software



The uncomplicated way to monitor rodent activity over several days from their home cage without manual effort. Based only on weight analysis, Bioseb’s ACTIVMETER measures accurately Activity and Locomotion of rodents (mice and rats) whatever the lights conditions.