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• Flexible instrument when a quantitative sensory testing (QST) is needed
• Compatible with our BIO-CIS software to improve repeatability in nociceptive testing
• Control unit features a large backlit display
• Statistical functions: mean and standard deviation values for each animal
• Internal memory with up to 100 values
• Runs on battery for more flexibility

Dedicated BIO-CIS Software

Dedicated BIO-CIS Software to increase nociceptive tests repeatability
Dedicated BIO-CIS Software

The multi-instrument BIO-CIS Software, by Bioseb, is compatible with all our mechanical allodynia / nociception measurement instruments and allows you to reduce inter-operator variability, which is an issue for these kinds of tests.

BIO-CIS can be used in two different ways with the Electronic Von Frey, Rodent Pincher and Smalgo:

• Direct measurement: When a sensor is connected to the BIO-CIS software during stimulation, the software displays the real-time graph of applied force vs time in real-time. Additional features allows the definition of a theoretical ramp (force/time) with upper-lower limits to be followed and displayed during the measurement and curves of a group of measures can be reloaded and displayed simultaneously for a graphical overview. These options greatly help the operator to improve their skills with the instrument and reduce operator-introduced variability and is useful for generating impactful figures.

• Indirect measurement: The control unit embeds an internal memory allowing you to store up to 100 values measured during your experiments. You will then be able to connect the instrument to the BIO-CIS software and transfer all your results to an Excel spreadsheet.

Domains of application

• Analgesia
• Nociception
• Inflammation
• Neuro-pathologies
• Post-operative pain
• Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST)






ALGOKIT Analgesimeter




An economical and versatile solution for when flexible quantitative sensory testing (QST) is needed: built around our Static Weight Bearing test and its state-of-the-art colour, touchscreen console, the Algokit can include up to 3 additional sensors among our Electronic Von Frey, Rodent Pincher and Small Animal Algometer (SMALGO). With a common control unit and software, it offers a convenient, compact benchtop footprint.

A perfect solution for all your research on analgesia, nociception, inflammation, neuro-pathologies and post-operative pain.