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% Percentage Weighing

Easier Calculate the Percentage of The Weighing

Four Level Anti-Shock Adjustable Function

Very Stable with adjustable feet

AC-DC Available

Fleksible Power Suply more than and low energy-consuming 48 hours operation with dry cells

17 units available : g, ct, lb, oz, GN dwt..

A lot of weighing unit, all weighing units are available here

Anti-Radiate, Anti-Static Metal Houshing

Anti-electrostatic weighing stable even in radio transmission activity

Super size LCD Display with Backlight

Big LCD display, very easy to read, and readable in dark condition

Built in RS232

PC connection available, can connect to external display and also can connect to the external printer directly

All Aluminium Casting House

Heavy Duty with aluminium case

Weighing Response time adjustable

User can adjust the speed of weight response


Time and Date Setting

Help us to record the weighing time & date. Also can print out the date and time on the print result

Animal Weighing Fuction

User for weigh the animal when moving, the weigh will keep stable

Counting and Weighing

Faster Counting with zero mistake

Dual range

Depend on user’s need. Can weigh more than expectation with the different readibility

Optional with rechargeable battery

This Rechargeable battery is use for long time, suitable for un-electricity location


TYPE : FSR-B Series




Capacity600g / 2000g1000g / 2000g2000g / 3000g3000g / 5000g4000g / 6000g
Readability0,01g / 0,05g0,01g / 0,05g0,01g / 0,05g0,01g / 0,05g0,01g / 0,05g
Repeatability0,01g / 0,05g0,01g / 0,05g± 0,03g± 0,03g± 0,03g
Linearity± 0,02g± 0,02g± 0,02g± 0,02g± 0,02g
Work Tem.10°C-35°C10°C-35°C10°C-35°C10°C-35°C10°C-35°C
Pan SizeǾ133Ǿ133156*156mm156*156mm156*156mm
Scale Size295*208*305mm295*208*305mm295*208*305mm295*208*305mm295*208*305mm

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