Detail Produk

1. Electromechanical lock system.
2. Dual-sensing interlock mechanism.
3. Pulse exhaust system (HVE-50).
4. Memory function (program your own).
5. Space – saving design.
6. Process status display.
7. Forced cooling fan as
standard equipment (HVA-85/110)
and provided as option (HVE-50).



Outer dimensions (㎜):547W×532D×1046H
Chamber size (Volume):300φ×710H (54.2 liter)
Effective capacity:50 liter
Power source:AC110V /120V / 220V / 230V / 240V, 50 / 60Hz, (specify voltage when ordering)
Power consumption:2.0kW
Net weight (Approx.):57㎏
Chamber material:Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Sterilization temperatue range:105℃ to 135℃
Maximum allowable pressure (Gauge pressure):0.255MPa
Temperature display range:5℃ to 137℃
Warming temperature range:45℃ to 80℃
Sterilization timer:1 to 250 minutes
Pressure gauge:0 to 0.4MPa
Selective mode (cycle):■Agar sterilization (with Warming) :
Preparation ⇒ Heating ⇒ Sterilization ⇒
Exhaust (P0,P1,or P2) ⇒ Warming ⇒ Completion
■Liquid sterilization :
Preparation ⇒ Heating ⇒ Sterilization ⇒
Exhaust (P0,P1,or P2) ⇒ Completion
■Sterilization of solids / medical instruments :
Preparation ⇒ Heating ⇒ Sterilization ⇒
Exhaust (Forced) ⇒ Completion
Safety devices / Warning alarm:*Double sensing interlock mechanism *Over-pressure power cut-off *Over-temperature power cut-off
*Heater malfunction checker *Temperature sensor wire breakage detecter *Securely closed lid check function
*Excess cooling check function *Exhaust bottle ready-to-use check system *Lack-of-water prevention device
*Power failure check function
Electric leakage breaker and over current detector, Pressure safety valve
(Note : The *marked functions show ERROR indication on the display when it works)
Supplied accessories:Stainless steel wire baskets, Heater cover, Drain hose, Exhaust hose, Drain bottle, Caster stoppers
Optional accessories:Stainless steel wire baskets, Perforated stainless steel buckets.
Air cooling fan:Option