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Key features

• 3D or 2D detection
• 1 mm accuracy in height
• Minimum surface detected 1 mm2
• Designed for Rats or Mice.
• Easy setup with just THREE CLICKS.
• Parameters are computed in real time.
• Upgradable for Novel Object Recognition.

Domains of application

• Activity and Locomotor behavior phenotyping
• Anxiolitic or anxiogenic drug screening
• Anxiety studies




Automated 3D Open Field System



Camera ResolutionHD USB based
Dimensions – Animal ContainerMice maze Inner dimensions :400 mm / W 400 mm / H 400 mm Rats maze Inner dimensions : L 1000 mm / W 1000 mm / H 400 mm
Dimensions – OverallMice maze Total dimensions : L 472 mm / W 440 mm / H 930 mm Rats maze Total dimensions : L 1082 mm / W 1050 mm / H 1770 mm
MaterialsMaze and Stand Included -Grey PVC, to be chosen between 2 versions: rats or mice
TechnologyArena RAL 7032/ Camera RAL 9005 Color tracking+ 3D technology Real-time from tracking and 3 D camera


A unique setup for the automation of the Open Field test for rats and mice : 3D-camera based technology is now capable of direct height measurement allowing detection of 100% of rearing events and exploratory posture. Dedicated software can be set up in only 3 clicks to automatically assess and report global parameters, zone transitions and rearings. Easily expanded for Novel Object Recognition.