Detail Produk

Key features

• Fully automatic, operator-independent scoring
• Aversive starting box with cold white blinking light motivator
• Interchangeable rat/mouse corridors on the same instrument
• Two sets of 77 infrared sensors provide high accuracy, and reliability
• Self-powered by USB port from PC

Domains of application

• Functional, toxicological, and genetic models
• Studies on toxicosis, alcoholism
• Research on myopathy and ataxia
• Degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease, Osteoarthritis
• Recovery from brain or spinal cord injuries










Dimensions – Animal ContainerCorridor width : 80 mm for rats and 50 mm for mice (1 corridor included) Space between bars: 1/3 cm (customizable) Space between bars : 1/3 cm (customisable)
Dimensions – Overall124 x 28 x 20 (L x W x H cm)
Power SupplyCE 15-V standard charger
Sampling Rate10ms
Technology154 IR Sensors USB compliant


A unique, automatic apparatus for the detailed and objective modeling of walking and coordination disorders in mice and/or rats, with respect to motor and psychomotor skills and cognition. An innovative and operator-independent solution for studies on myopathy, ataxia, alcoholism, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease, and much more.