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TYPE :RE 100-S Economical Rotary Evaporator


• 5L heating bath with a wide temperature range
(room temp.to180°C), independent temperature
control, make it can be used separately. Water/
oil heating mode can be changed only through a
• Manual lift combined with auxiliary lift for precise
positioning of the glassware.
• PID control ensures high temperature accuracy at
±1oC (water).
• Overheating protection temperature at 220°C
• Boil-dry protection, automatically power off if
heating without water/oil in the heating bath.
• Speed range from 20 to 200rpm, timing interval
operation in clockwise and anticlockwise directions
for drying process.
• Patented condenser (cooling surface 1000/1500cm²
for selection), double helix condensing tube +
center circular arc design to speed up the flow rate
of liquid with excellent cooling effect.
• Ejection mechanism ensures easy exchange of
evaporating flask
• Adjustable immersion angle
• Patented double spring sealing ring which is made
of PTFE provides an excellent sealing performance
• Remote function provides PC control and data