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New functionalities

Screen of an Electronic Von Frey
Stats screen

The new Bioseb Electronic Von Frey offers numerous, exclusive improvements and new functionalities, among which:

• A lighter stimulator handle with the center of gravity placed more centrally for more precise movement and better control of the increase in force.
• The new force sensor is both more accurate and rigid, improving reproducibility from a more homogenous stimulation. The variation linked to sudden movements is drastically reduced. The system is also easier to use on mice.
• New spring tips for mouse stimulation: by absorbing impact forces, they increase accuracy on the 0-20 grams range.

As well as all the classical functionalities that made our Electronic Von Frey a ‘must have’ for all your research projects in analgesia and nociception:

• Large backlit LCD screen simultaneously displaying current and peak value
• Statistical functions: average value and standard deviation are computed for each subject
• Stand-alone instrument: internal memory allows the storing of up to 100 values, which may be transferred to a PC using our optional software

Application domains

• Phenotyping
• Neuropathologies
• Inflammations
• Post-operative disorders
• Ghost pain
• Diabetic neuropathy
• Nerve Regeneration





Electronic Von Frey



  • BIO-EVF4
  • BIO-EVF5



Accuracy+/-0.25% of full scale ( +/- 1,25g)+/-0.25% of full scale ( +/- 1,25g)
Internal Memoryup to 100 valuesup to 100 values
Power Supply220-240 V (other voltages on request)220-240 V (other voltages on request)
Range0 to 500 grams (5N)0 to 500 grams (5N)
Resolution0,1gram0.1 gram


A quick solution to determine the mechanical sensitivity threshold in rodents (mice and rats).

This precise and easy-to-use electronic instrument is a must-have reference for your research in analgesia, nociception, neuro-pathologies and post-operative pain.

the EVF5 includes an embedded camera inside the stimulator handle and a new, dedicated software revolutionizing the experimental process.