Detail Produk

●Accord with international standards of Green environmental friendly
● 7″ True-color Touch Screen, Chinese English Bilingual Interface, display drying curve and history curve;
● U disk Can storage lyophilized data;
● Upload software can print curve;
● Embedded circuit design, 128 M FLASH, can save dozen times Lyophilized data;
●Large opening trap, no coil inside, with samples pre-freeze function
● Imported refrigeration compressor, low noise
● Cold trap and control panel were made by stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean
● Transparent Bell type drying room, secure and ocular
● Stainless steel sample holder, common sample plate spacing adjustable
● Small size and easy to operate
● Nitrogen inflation valve within

TYPE : KD-10N (Freeze Dryer Ordinary Multi-Manifolds )

No-load Temperature<-56℃
Freeze Area0.12 m 2
Plate Load Capacity1.5 L
Ability to Capture Water3Kg
Vacuum Degree<10Pa
Machine DimensionW450×D580×H(380+450) mm
Sample Tray Size4×Φ200mm
Power Supply110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
interlayer spacing70 mm
Cold trap sizeØ215×160 mm
The number of Schering bottlesØ22: 260
Ø16: 480
Ø12: 920