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Material:Full Body Steel Galvanized used 1,2 mm thicknes
The process of powder coating on galvanized steel is similar to the process of powder coating on other metals
Material Description
:Laboratory Standard
Dimension (Outer):1500 x 900 x 2400 mm
Inner Line:Phenolic Resin Laboratory Standard 6mm
Worktop:synthetic polymer (thermosetting resins) with excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulation properties, and mechanical strength. (Phenolic Resins)
Sash Door:Tempered safety glass sliding door opened with Homopolymer Natural frame 5mm thickness
Alarm range:0-999 fpm (0-5 m/sec)
Filed setup:2 -point velocity calibration
Accuracy:Sensor display resolution 1 fpm face velocity accuracy +/- 10%
Alarm delays:User definable (0 to 60 seconds)
Relay Output:4 (three on board, four on optional plug-in relay interface unit
Analog output:0-10V, directtly proportional to velocity
External Alarm Incication:Yes
Power requirment:Input 120VAC, 60 Hz
Output:15 VDC, 500ma
Display Analog bar Grapht or fault time line
Digital Display of velocity reading (can bee turned off)
Alarm Indicator:Red LED and Audible alarm ( to a certain sound spec)
Horn silence:Yes, temporary or permanent/automatic
Mounting :Semi Flush (MK3) or surface (MK2)
Dimension (Outer):Instrument case 158 x 88 x 35 mm
1 ea Central Panel 1/3 Phase 220/380V, MCB 10 A
1 set Centrifugal Blower Corrosion Resistant
Blower:Chemical resistance 1 Phase 220V/2800Rpm/313-375Pa
Air Flow Velocity:0.5 m/sec
Water Absorption:< 0,1 %
Free Ducting 4M
Ducting 6”
Pressure:313-375 Pa