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Dimension:1200 x 750 x 2300 mm
Thickness material:5 & 9 mm
Meating Temperature:162-167oC with ISO 11357-3
Airflow Monitoring:0.3 -1.2 m/sec
Face air velocity:0,5 m/sec
Eksterior :Polypropylene Homopolymer Brown
Interior :Polypropylene Homopolymer Brown
Top Table:Phenolic Resin 13 mm (Chemical Resistance)
Sash Door :Tempered Glass 5 mm sliding door opened with homopolymer natural frame
Stop Contact Lamp and Contact Blower
Base Cabinet :Polypropylene Homopolymer
Hinge Material:Hinge SUS 304 With Softclosed System
Handle:Steel Crome
Light :Lamp Tube 15 watt
Electrical Socket:Ex Philips/Panasonic
Blower :Centifugal Blower (Chemical Resistant)
Phase:1 Phase
Power:370 W
Blower Capacity:2850rpm
Tekanan :313-375 Pa
Techonology :Display HMI 7″ Touchscreen, Sensor (Temp,Humidity,Pressure,Flow), Control & Driver, Installation & Wiring
Digital Operation:Nextion 7 inch