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The new Bioseb GRIP TEST Version 3+ offers unique features:

• A single instrument for mice and rats, which may be used as a stand alone tool or connected to PC
• Accessories to measure from the front paws, back paws, or the 4 paws, in a mesh grid or in a bar version (see opposite illustration)
• Easy to operate and calibrate:
1. Hold the animal by the tail or the neck’s skin.
2. Move the animal down until it grasps the grid/bar.
3. Pull the animal along the sensor axle until grip is released.

An embedded statistical computation has been included in the electronic device. This is a very useful feature that as been very well received and used by users of large numbers of tests. The display shows in real time the mean, standard deviation and variation coefficient from groups of animals. This feature allows also to cancel any grip strength test not correctly performed.

The optional Bioseb’s Bio-CIS software sends data acquired via the Grip Test into a MS Excel sheet using the RS232 port. Easy to set up, this soft interface uses the full power of MS EXCEL functions, to let you create statistical tables and graphics.

• Embedded statistics module : a new development by Bioseb allows direct reading of the average value, standard deviation and variability for several subjects groups and up to 100 animals. This feature allows also to cancel any grip strength test not correctly performed.
• Very fast sampling rate of 1000Hz, to secure the repeatability in the “peak” force capture and measurement
• Highly reliable sensors, 0.1% of full scale and a fine resolution (resolution is user-settable as low as 0,1g)
• Internal memory for measured data, up to 100 values can be stored manually, to be edited or downloaded later
• Data is stored in memory as a table with time/measured force
• Built-in RS 232 port allowing transfer of data to a PC
• Optional Bioseb Bio-CIS Software allowing user to send measured values directly into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet












Accuracy0.1 % of full scale
Data OutputRS232 for computer, analog output for graphic recorders
Dimensions – Animal ContainerGrid for mice : 100 x 160 mm, angle 30°
Dimensions – Overall400x180x200 mm for the Single grip model and 750 x 180 x 200 mm for the Double grip model (can be used to measure fore + back limbs )
Internal Memory100 individual values
Power SupplyPower adaptor (100-240 V) or battery
Range0 – 2 kG (20N)
Resolution0.1 g
Sampling Rate1000 Hz


An easy way to objectively quantify the muscular strength of rodents (mouse and rat), and to assess the effect of drugs, toxins, muscular (i.e. myopathy) and neurodegenerative diseases on muscular degeneration. Widely used in conjunction with the ROTAROD motor coordination test because a normally coordinated rodent will show a decreased latency to fall off the rotating rod if its muscular strength is low. The Grip Strength Test for rats and mice is a must for your research on activity, motor control & coordination, and is particularly well suited for studies on Parkinson’s & Huntington’s disease.