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Key features

• Available for rats and for mice
• Measures gait parameters as well as max force/propulsion time applied for each step and each paw
• Correct trials detected (speed) and automatically split from A SINGLE video file
• Records Gravity Center Path and video barycenter
• Analyze batch experiments at once. Displays individual run results and averaged results from homogeneous runs
• Automatic software routine for paw identification from the first step to the end of the run
• Front wall easily removable for cleaning
• Adjustable corridor width
• Target zone fits animal home cage

Applications for your research

• Neurodegenerative diseases
• Motor Coordination disorders
• Osteoarthritis
• Neuropathic pain
• Neurotrauma: Nerve Crush, SNI.
• Cerebral ischemia, Stroke
• Brain or spinal cord injury
• Aging
• Muscles diseases
• Phenotyping





Kinetic Weight Bearing





Camera ResolutionHD USB, 640×480
Dimensions – Animal ContainerMICE: 80 cm long x 40 cm width x 120 cm height, can be placed on a bench RAT:130 cm long x 50 cm width x 180 cm height, placed on the room floor
Power SupplyCamera and sensors both powered through USB port
Sampling RateSensors: 100 Hz Camera: 30 Hz


A unique device that provides automated measurement of weight bearing and force distribution over time during voluntary gait. Synchronized video tracking and force transducers measure gait dynamics, for a voluntary multi-step sequence as a subject (rat or mouse) traverses a corridor to its home cage.

KWB is an innovative instrument for your research on analgesia, nociception and neuroscience, especially suited for work on Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, spinal cord injury and more.