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Domains of application

Bioseb’s Rodent Pincher Algometer can be used for a variety of research on nociception and analgesia, including:
• In vivo models evaluation of pain
• Mechanisms related to mechanical nociception
• Whenever a calibrated force is necessary

Built-in components

These built-in components will make the analgesia measurement easier:
• Desktop stand for easy reading
• Footswitch to reset the zero of the rodent pincher analgesimeter while keeping hands free.
• RS232 output to transfer displayed data to a PC.
• Our new pincher design allows the mounting of custom-made bits to suit your most specific needs and applications. Please contact us if you have any special request about the pincher, and we’ll do our best to cover your needs.





Rodent pincher – analgesia meter






Data OutputRS232 for PC
Number Of AnimalsIndividual rat or mouse (2 different pinchers)
Power SupplyBattery powered, this instrument is autonomous. Possibility of using a 220V/110V 50hz/60hz adapter
Range0 to 2000 grams
Resolution0.1 gram or 0.001 N


A fast and accurate algometer based on an instrumented pincher as an alternative to the Randall-Selitto test: This new analgesia meter developed by Bioseb following Luis-Delgado et al. (2005) allows accurate nociceptive tests to measure mechanical pain threshold on rat or mouse limbs with minimal constraint.