Detail Produk

Key features

• NEW Touchscreen User Interface
• Mechanical detection of fall
• Individual lane timers
• Electronic rod speed adjustment: constant speed and fixed acceleration rate
• Automatic recording of latencies to fall and rotation speed
• Mice and rats combined Rotarod available
• New ROTAROD solution for big rat (>500 grams)

Domains of application:

• Effects of drugs
• Brain damage
• Effects of diseases on motor coordination
• Fatigue resistance in rodents.
• Studies on components of neurons mediating the effects of chemicals
• Testing of genetic knockout animals (KO)
• Mammalian balance and coordination








MaterialsMethacrylate, arnite (lanes)
Number Of AnimalsBX-ROD-M : 5 mice up to 60g
BX-ROD-R+M :4 mice up to 60g and 4 Rats up to 350/400g
BX-ROD-R : 4 Rats up to 350/400g
BX-ROD-RBIG :2 Big Rats -350/400g up to 500/600g
Range4-40 RPM
SpeedAcceleration Rate : 30 seconds to 10 minutes with 1 sec increments


Rotarod provides an easy way to test the motor activity in rodents (mouse or rat) – an ideal solution for studying central nervous system damage, disease effects on motor activity, drugs administration, fatigue resistance, etc. Now even easier to use! The new touchscreen graphic user interface allows clear visualization of timing and speed for each lane. Change modes, adjust speed, and create protocols right from the main screen for greater flexibility with maximum functionality and usability