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Key features

• Monitor short- or long-term spontaneous activity
• High angle and time resolution allows analysis of acceleration pattern
• Supplied with home cage and a practical sturdy design for durability and easy cleaning
• Individual Wheel Counter have an LCD display
• Available for either rats or mice
• Optional Software monitors up to 64 wheels and extends measured parameters

Domains of application

• Drug screening
• Phenotyping
• Aging
• Neuromuscular diseases
• Motor Coordination disorders





Spontaneous activity wheels






Data Outputrequires 2 USB Ports
Dimensions – OverallDiameter : 23 cm, Lane width : 5cm
MaterialsStandard Cage in Polycarbonate type IIL Cover and Wheel in Stainless Steel
Power Supply240 / 110 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Sampling Rate15 Hz


The BIOSEB Spontaneous Activity Wheel is an easy way to quantify rodent voluntary activity in their home cage environment. The embedded electronics perform a wide range of measurements, including: wheel revolutions, average/min/max speed, acceleration, utilization time, number of access events among others . A useful tool for studies on Drug Screening, Phenotyping Circadian Rhythms, and Neuromuscular Diseases; now with a software-independent LCD display and redesigned software controlling up to 64 wheels!