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TYPE :  KD-SD-2000

Inlet air temperature:room temperature to 300℃
Outlet temperature:room temperature to 120 ℃
Water evaporation capacity:0-2500ml/h
Stainless steel nozzle:nozzle diameter Φ0.5/0.75/1.0mm
With nozzle through needle to prevent clogging, t
he frequency of through needle can be adjusted freely
Heat source:electricity
Display:7-inch LCD color touch operation display
Control system:embedded intelligent control system
Real-time temperature control (PID control):error ±1℃
Real-time display temperature accuracy:0.1℃
Fan:0.75 kW supercharged aluminum alloy materia
Maximum dry air volume:105m³/h
With temperature protection function, the inlet air temperature is higher than 40℃, the fan will act to cool the equipment, and when the temperature drops below 40℃, the fan will automatically shut down
Peristaltic pump:stepping drive for precise control
Air compressor:0.8kW 8L (oil-free)
Air switch:Zhengtai Electric
The maximum heating power of the whole machine:2.2kW/4.4kW/8.8kW (three kinds of peak power can be switched) 220V single-phase AC 50Hz
Cabinet materia:304 stainless steel
Universal casters and equipped with brakes to facilitate the movement and fixation of the whole machine
Weight of the whole machine:about 120kg
Dimensions:length (L) × width (W) × height (H) (mm) 650 × 500 × 1300
Accessories:high boron glass drying chamber, high boron glass cyclone separator, high boron glass sample collection bottle, high boron glass waste collection bottle, feeding silicone tube, clamp, gasket, elbow, exhaust pipe (The design of transparent glass material can directly observe the drying process, which is convenient for research during the experiment)