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Main functionalities

Bioseb Incapacitance Test (Static Weight Bearing) offers numerous unique and innovative features for facilitating your research on nociception and analgesia :

• A non pain-inducing method to measure discomfort: The animal stands and makes a natural adjustment to the degree of pain by adapting weight distribution on both rear paws.

• An objective spontaneous pain measurement solution: Dual channel scale based measurement is done independently of the operator’s reaction time or subjective judgment about the animal’s flinching.

• An easy and precise instrument: No restraint requirements, a footswitch to tare scales, direct display of the average value on the LCD for each of the back paws.

• A stand alone instrument: No PC is required for running the incapacitance test, although you have the possibility to send collected data from the instrument to a PC through the integrated RS232 interface. It can also be run on battery.

• The Incapacitance (Static Weight Bearing) Test allows the user to compute and display statistics (mean, sd) for groups of rodents (rats or mice) during the measurement process.

• Units are selected by the user in grams, Newtons or oz/lbs.

• The Instrument has an internal memory of up to 200 individual values (ie 1 animal, 2 paws) or up to 200 groups when the statistics are used. Those values are available for editing directly on the sceen, or to be printed out or transferred to a PC, later on. Transfert includes date and time for glp protocols.

• Independent platform and control unit: a 1 meter cable allows some distance between the animal and the operator, reducing the placement time.

Domains of application

• Osteo arthrisis and cartilage degeneration
• Inflammation and nerve injury models
• Bone cancer pain models
• Post-operative pain

Supplied with

• 1 animal holder/restrainer (rat or mouse)
• 1 control unit
• 1 platform with sensors.
• Footswitch to start/stop experiment hands free
• Optional: Cable and software for data transfer.





Static Weight Bearing Touch: Incapacitance Test





Accuracy0.1% of full Scale
Data OutputDirect calculation of MEAN and SD per Group Display Average value for each paw on the display RS232 for BIO-CIS software Real-time display of force curve for both paw
Dimensions – OverallPlatform Dimensions 200 x 100 x 40 mm – without restrainer
Experimental SubjectsRats, mice Other animals : contact us
Internal MemoryUp to 200 individual values
Range0-2000g for Mouse or Rat
Resolution0, 2g
SoftwareBIO-CIS data transfer software
SpeedMeasurement time User-defined : from 1 to 99 seconds
TechnologyBattery operated (6 to 8 hours) and/or on the mains Touch screen


An easy and non pain-inducing solution for assessing the level of discomfort (incapacitance) in the injured paw of a small animal like a rat or a mouse by measuring the Postural Equilibrium “ independently of the operator”. The static weight bearing instrument is ideal for your research on analagesia and nociception involving rodents: osteo arthrisis, cartilage degeneration, inflammation models, nerve injury models, and much more… Discover the SWB-Touch: now with a brand new touch-screen console!