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Key features

• Fully automatic and operator-independent
• Includes 4 types of randomization processes of the animal list
• Measurement of up to 6 animals in the same run
• Full control of the calibration
• High predictability for antidepressant effects in humans
• Based on innate behaviours and despair models
• Widely used in literature and deeply validated in phenotyping and pharmacology
• Simple to set up and use
• Replay possible with other parameters
• Short-lasting experiment (usually 6 minutes)
• Now a wireless instrument with bluetooth connectivity!
• Optional video recording to adjust the activity threshold

Domains of application

• Depression & anxiety
• Drug screening
• Basal depressive-like state phenotyping
• Studies on behavioral abnormalities
• Behavioral effects of pharmacological compounds relevant to depression
• Antidepressant efficacy on chronic stress models
• Sleep and mood disorders
• Studies on serotonin aspects
• Acupuncture and dopamine
• Behavioral effects of genetic manipulations relevant to depression





Tail Suspension Test – Wireless





Dimensions – Overall50 x 15 x 30 cm for a set of three cages
MaterialsBlack and white PVC
Number Of Animals1-3 mice if one set of cages is used 1-6 mice if 2 sets of cages are used
Power Supply110-230 Volts- 9 volts DC
Sampling Rate200 Hz for the sensors 15 images/second for the camera


Bioseb’s version 5 of the Tail Suspension Test system, based on both strain sensors and video acquisition, is the only fully automatic solution in the world for running a simple and objective despair test on mice. It is a fast, painless, and reliable way for testing psychotropic effects from stimulant doses of drugs such as anti-depressants and sedatives. This classic and painless research test for anxiety and depression is now offered with a new, powerful and modern software, in a wireless, bluetooth-based version.