Detail Produk

Key features

• Simple to use, fast and accurate
• Fully automated
• Operator-independent
• Thermal nociception tests on freely moving rodents

Domains of application

• Analgesic drug screening
• Basal pain sensitivity phenotyping
• Ion channel related pain
• Cold/Hot hypersensivity
• Dysesthesia





Thermal Gradient Test





Data Outputxls type, presented per time periods. Raw datas encrypted (glp) with video recording (synchronous). Replay: at any time
MaterialsBase Plate: Aluminum alloy Cover: Transparent ppc Walls: Grey ppc
Number Of AnimalsMouse: 2 / Rat: 1
Power Supply220 / 110 Volts
Range5 to 55 °C
SoftwareAllows to measure per animal: up to 20 temperature zones, time spent/temp.Zone/ time period, overall distance travelled.


The operator-independant Thermal Gradient Test is a new analgesia/nociceptive research instrument to demonstrate place preference / temperature comfort threshold on rodents (mouse and rat) freely moving on a plate offering a temperature gradient – an innovative tool for analgesic drug screening and research on thermal nociception.