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Key features

• Innovative test opening new fields of investigation
• Easy to set-up
• Operator-independent
• Operated on unrestrained, freely moving animals
• Automatic if using the optional software
• Windows 7/8 32/64bits compatible
• Transition lists can be managed or imported from xls/csv file
• Ability to resume an interrupted session
• Replay experimental videos, incl. animal detection
• Display and export results for custom time periods
• Customized results exports
• Results grouping for animal groups
• Results can be displayed as table or graph format

Domains of application

• Drug screening
• Phenotyping


Automatic detection software to measure the position and presence time of the animal (mouse or rat) in each zone, comes with 3 USB cables and a webcam.

Modular design: Using available custom accessories and tools, Bioseb’s Thermal Place Preference, 2 Temperatures Choice Nociception Test can be used to run Cold Hot Plate tests, and even Temperature gradient tests. Please contact us to know more!

!New! Publication:

Bioseb team presents its respectful thanks to research teams of Prof. Lazdunski (Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France) and Prof. Eschalier (Clermont Université, Clermont-Ferrand, France), who used the Two-Temperatures Choice Test during their recent studies:

The mechano-activated Kþ channels TRAAK and TREK-1 control both warm and cold perception, by J. Noe, K. Zimmermann, J. Busserolles, E. Deval, A. Alloui,S. Diochot, N. Guy, M. Borsotto,P. Reeh, A. Eschalier and M. Lazdunski, EMBO Journal, 2009





Thermal Place Preference, 2 Temperatures Choice Nociception Test





AccuracyBetter than +/- 0.5°C Max Overshoot 0,5°C Time measurement 1s accuracy
Dimensions – Animal Container330 x 165 x 300 mm
Dimensions – Overall32 x 57 x 45.5 cm (L x w x H including cage)
MaterialsCage in plexiglass
Power Supply150 watts
Range-2°C to +55°C (room temperature 20 to 25 °C)
Technologyvideo analysis


An operator independent test to study pain thresholds in rodents (mouse and rat) by assessing temperature preference (thermal comfort zone) – a new tool for your analgesia/nociception research opening new fields of investigation, and an ideal solution for nociceptive and analgesic drugs screening. Now comes with a brand new software, allowing tracking activity and faster temperature transitions!