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Key features

• Objective and immediate reading of Mechanical Nociceptive Threshold (MNT)
• Mechanical stimulus up to 50 N
• Certified repeatable and reliable values over time
• Single instrument for a wide animal range : interchangeable tips to fit to a wide range of animal’s size
• 3 stimulators, profiled for various mechanical stimulus type
• Wire-less device, works on rechargeable batteries
• Reduced size and ergonomic handle (fits left-handed and right-handed operators)
• Robust design for use in animal housing
• Delivered with disposable plastic tips and cleanable steel tips, no cross-contamination
• Low-price

Domains of application

• Veterinary Medicine, Animal Welfare and Pain Release
• Part of a complete somatosensory testing, for all big mammals
• Prior to surgery : Adjustment of anesthetic methods to the animal’s sensitivity level
• Post-operative pain and wound sensitivity, ie ovariohysterectomy
• Rehabilitation practice: daily use as objective Pain release Evaluation
• Drug screening, especially Analgesics efficacy for Post-surgery and Anesthetics
• Chronic Pain, Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid Arthritis
• Musculoskeletal sensitivity, Orthopedic dysfunctions, ie. cruciate ligament rupture
• Abdominal Ventral , Pelvic, Visceral pain





Vetalgo: Algometer for Big Mammals






Accuracy0.1 % of full scale
Data OutputRS232 for computer, analog output for graphic recorders
Dimensions – Animal Container33x30x13 cm – 4 kg
Dimensions – Overall178x85x151 without probe
Experimental SubjectsBig mammals:horses,cats,dogs,pigs,sheep,calves
Internal Memory100 individual values
Power SupplyPower adaptor (110-220 V) or battery


Designed for Veterinary Research and Veterinary Medicine, this wireless and non-invasive algometer is a quick and easy-to-use device for the assessment of Mechanical Nociceptive Threshold (MNT). Robust design and high-capacity sensor make it ideal for big mammals !