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The operating principle remains the same: when the tip of a fiber of given length and diameter is pressed against the skin at right angles, the force of application increases as long as the researcher continues to advance the probe, until the fiber bends. After the fiber bends, continued advance creates more bend, but not more force of application. This principle makes it possible for the researcher using a hand held probe to apply a reproducible force, within a wide tolerance, to the skin surface.

Force (g)0,0080,020,040,070,160,40,611,4246810152660100180300

Rodents exhibit a paw withdrawal reflex when the paw is unexpectedly touched. The Touch Test™ Sensory Evaluator can be used on the Plantar surfaces of the foot of a rat or mouse, and the animal will indicate sensation by pulling back its paw. Replacement filaments available.

Attention : Because of the physical properties of the material making up the filaments it’s recommended to work at temperature between 18°C an 24°C and hygrometry between 60 and 80 %, for a better reliability of the results.





Von Frey Filaments





A set of 20 monofilaments based on the Semmes Weinstein monofilament set – featuring retractable filaments to protect the filament and allow the investigator to carry a few around in a pocket